Terry Lemmon

Terry Lemmon


Terry Lemmon served over twenty years in the US Army as an Airborne Ranger and Special Operations Operator.  He served in multiple combat operations as a sniper and team leader.

Becoming a part of WarHorses for Heroes has helped me in so many ways.  The brotherhood and caring for the horses makes each day worth being here.  The friends at the stable show care and respect for the veterans and they help us mend our minds.  I appreciate all they have done for us!

Terry entered WarHorses for Heroes through the Memphis VA Hospital and instantly felt a connection.  Each week, he looked forward to seeing the other veterans and, especially, the horses.  After graduating the program, Terry offered his services as a volunteer and helps out every way he can.  He has continued to dedicate himself to aiding other veterans in their journey to recovery and says that is even more therapeutic for him than being in the program.  Terry has also become part of the Advanced Rider Program and has been honing his equestrian skills through groundwork and riding lessons.

As of now, Terry is pursing his “Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning” certification through PATH International.  Donations can be made in the WarHorses for Heroes shop to help offset the costs of this goal.