Sika Neal

Sika Neal


Jessika Neal, nicknamed, Sika (pronounced Seeka) is currently studying at the University of Memphis in the Clinical Mental Health Masters program. She is on track to graduate in December of 2019. Her goal after graduation is to become an addiction counselor, because she believes there is an enormous need for effective counselors in the Memphis metro area.

Sika also loves working with PTSD veterans and dreams of being about to combine counseling and equine therapy in her professional career.

Volunteering for WarHorses for Heroes has really opened my eyes to the field of PTSD and it has been so rewarding for me to see how much equine therapy helps these men and women in a natural way. It is truly amazing to be able to witness miracles through animal-assisted therapy and also to work with people who are so passionate about helping others.

She is an amazing member of the team and continues to educate other volunteers and staff about the best practices and current methods of working with specific conditions, such as addiction and PTSD.