MJ Higgins


MJ Higgins served in the United States Marine Corps as a Cyber Network Systems Chief with the infantry.  He deployed with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and completed two tours in Afghanistan with the 2nd Marine Division.

Helping other veterans work towards their recoveries is the ultimate experience.  The people and horses are truly a family.  It took me far too long to admit things weren’t alright and I needed a positive therapy program.  WarHorses for Heroes accepted me and has allowed me to grow immensely.  Now I look forward to helping others do the same.

MJ came to WarHorses for Heroes as a “trial” option while waiting for a spot in another program to open.  However, he immediately bonded with the staff and horses and requested to keep coming.  Throughout his time in the program, he wanted to learn more about equine therapy and English riding discipline in general.  He emailed Trey after his second session and, after graduating, was able to start learning and volunteering.  Since then, he has helped numerous other veterans continue their journey to recovery.

As of now, MJ is working towards his PATH certification in “Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning” so that he can help the program grow and reach more veterans.  He is also a member of the Advanced Rider course and has been learning all he can about English riding.