The Horses of WarHorses for Heroes

Our therapy horses have spent their lives in the show ring, in the hunt field, pulling carriages and wandering trails. Their lifelong exposure to riders of all ages, cohabitating with countless of other horses at Oak View, and the varied jobs throughout their careers have shaped them into ideal therapy horses.  All of our horses have vibrant personalities, making it easy to fall in love with them.  The horses at WarHorses for Heroes are ready for action and eager to help!


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Checkers aka Checkmate


Checkers has been a school horse at Oak View Stables for almost 25 years.  He’s done it all! From jumping 3 ft in the hunter show ring, to galloping through the fields on foxhunts, to teaching beginners in Pony Pee-Wee camp, Checkers has taught riders ages 4-78 the skills and joys of horsemanship.

Clifford aka Big Cliff

Clifford is a thoroughbred who raced on the track for 6 years through 67 races. At age 8, Oak View Stables rescued him from the meat truck so he could become a foxhunting horse.  At the age of 24, he’s retired from riding, but his years at the track gave him a love of being groomed, and he appreciates every moment spent with the veterans.

Rocky is a miniature horse with a large personality! He’s been known to pull a carriage, but has mostly acted as the Oak View Stables, and recently as a WarHorses barn mascot.


Jeb is a 10 year old Tennessee walking horse who arrived at WarHorses for Heroes and Oak View Stables after acting as a trail riding horse and backyard companion for an elderly gentlemen.  His calm and stable nature is perfect for providing beginner riders new confidence.

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