What is Equine-Assisted Therapy?


Equine-assisted therapy incorporates activities involving horses, including grooming, groundwork and horseback riding, into mental health or physical injury rehabilitation. The activities are designed to provide the opportunity for veterans to set and achieve skills-based goals, and to create relationships with the horses and with fellow veterans, allowing them to build their confidence, stability and connections. The instructors at WarHorses for Heroes carefully design their activities with mental health professionals, our horses, and our clients to best help the heroes of our country heal, both emotionally and physically.

The Greater Vision of WarHorses for Heroes


The WarHorses for Heroes vision extends beyond the therapeutic setting.  As veterans demonstrate their progress through the program, they will be given opportunities to volunteer or to become staff with WarHorses for Heroes.  Those who are interested will be encouraged to participate in horse showing competitions and group activities with civilians.  The horse community is global, and by integrating veterans into the greater horse community, we aim to provide them with a sense of grounding and connection wherever they go.

1 in 4 veterans

shows signs of mental illness

1 in 10 veterans

is physically disabled

Horses are ideal therapy partners for mental and physical healing


Equine-Assisted Therapy benefits Veterans with mental Illness


As a therapy partner for those with mental illness, a horse is intuitive and nonjudgemental, providing a trusting and open environment for processing and healing.  Working towards measurable and achievable goals in a lesson program provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and helping other veterans and working alongside them allows veterans to experience different roles and build new relationships. This is often an important step towards rebuilding hope and stability after trauma.

Veterans with histories of depression or PTSD who participate in equine assisted therapy experience consistent improvement in depression symptoms and increased sociability.


Equine-Assisted Therapy Benefits Veterans with physical disabilities


Horseback riding benefits the rehabilitation process because the rhythm of a horse’s gait is similar to that of a human’s. It provides the sensation of movement to those with severe injuries affecting mobility.

Veterans with spinal cord injuries or other physical disabilities experience improved muscle strength and better balance after participating in equine assisted therapy programs.


You can be apart of this powerful therapeutic experience by donating to support our cause or by volunteering your time doing anything from assisting the instructors to feeding the horses to maintaining the facilities to helping with operations!

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